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first post yayayay!! so i recently went to bangkok and discovered a number of shops there, but i’m sure there are many more there because of the rising popularity of kpop in bangkok. anyways without further ado, lets get into the post!

edit: i have 3 other posts on MORE kpop stores in bangkok so please do check my home page for more thanks !!!!


siam bts station: notto

this store is located inside siam station and it is actually a toy store. i missed it at first, but if you look closely you should be able to spot some got7 and exo posters hiding behind the toys!


this store is on the siam paragon side, so make sure you are at the right side! other than that, this store should be the easiest to find.


they sell around A2/A3 size posters for only 40 baht! pretty cheap i must say..however they only have a few groups (exo, got7, bts, snsd) and a limited selection of posters. if you’re looking for cheap merch then this is a place you should check out! but just to note there aren’t any smaller sized posters, that is the only size they have. here i got a bts poster yay!!


and one thing to note: i recommend only going there after 12pm because i was there at around 11am and the store wasn’t open yet.

siam paragon: power mall

on the 4th floor of siam paragon, there is this huge area called the power mall. at the cd section, they sell quite a number of official kpop albums. however, they only had groups from SM, JYP and infinite. i would say that the albums are generally quite affordable and not too expensive.

siam square: basket

this store is located in the lido theatre building 1st floor in soi 2 of siam square. i know that there are many kpop stores in this building (all of which i’ll be mentioning below), so this building is a must go. the store number is A44, so you can just follow the numbers until you reach it.


they have a few pillows with different idols outside the shop, so if you see those, you’ll definitely know you’re at the right place:) this is a shop that you must check out!

update: since posting, basket has become A LOT more kpop oriented and they now have a very wide selection of merch from many different groups at quite reasonable prices!! 

siam square: thanmusic

this next shop was definitely my favourite and of course i bought the most stuff here eheheh. when you exit from basket, turn right and continue walking until you find an exit from the building somewhere on your right. thanmusic is directly outside the doors. i absolutely lost my sanity when i saw this store. you’ll understand why if you ever get the chance to go there.


the store is packed with merch on the outside and on the inside they have all the latest albums!!!!! however, since these albums are imported from korea, they are generally $5-10 dollars more expensive than the normal prices. apart from that, i feel that the rest of the stuff is generally quite reasonable!

siam square: soul zone

i didn’t go to this store, but i do have some directions to it. when you go through the front doors of the building, walk towards the left, passing all the t-shirts stores. after that make a right turn and you should be walking towards the toilet. there are about 3 to 4 stores along the path with quite good merch, but they are expensive. here are their contact details: 

email: // facebook: soulzonekorea // twitter: @annnoona8708 // telephone: 089-1224090

siam square: shopping mall dvd

i didn’t visit this store too, but i heard that one of the k-idols suggested this store. you can visit their facebook page here for directions as it is pretty difficult to find on your own.

i really hope this helped a lot of you guys:-)) please do share with your friends, like and comment!! thank you^^

jungha xx


37 thoughts on “kpop stores in bangkok 1

  1. Hi! Thank you so much for this information! I’m in Bangkok right now and want to go to Siam square, Lido theatre! I will be taking a cab so I was wondering what I should tell the driver? And also when I’m googling the lido theatre, all that shows up is some old cinema called lido theatre is that the right building? Sorry for bothering 😅


    1. i think you can tell the driver siam square soi 2 and try adding in lido theatre(?) i’m not sure if they’ll know where the theatre is, but they’ll definitely know where soi 2 is. hope this helps:)


    2. but just in case the driver doesn’t know how to get there: the building can be seen along the main road and usually there’s a sale going on at the front. it’s near a watsons and is right in the middle of soi 2 and 3


  2. In this stores are there SEVENTEEN kpop merchandises(correct if my spelling is wrong)…if thre is can you please tell me…thank you so much in advance..😄😄😄😄


  3. I stopped by Thanmusic and Basket. Thank you so much! I found some really good stuff and was happy that Basket had a pretty decent amount of f(x) 🙂 I think you’ll find since posting that Basket has become A LOT more kpop oriented and so I really recommend it. Thanmusic had some albums that had only come out like a week ago. Limitless by NCT was there :0


  4. Firstly, thank you so so much! You were my guide all the time, thanks to you finding this shops had been really easy. I just want to help a little too even if the instructions I’ll give are not that clear (sorry hehe). If you go near china town, on the ratchawong road you’ll see krungsri exchange and ktb exchange buildings. I didn’t go inside but there was a tiny kpop shop between them, I don’t think they sell albums but I saw lots of other stuff like posters etc. Other than that, in Siam Square (soi 2 I guess) there’s a shop called dj siam ( I didn’t go to this one too because I was already found what I was looking for heheh) and I think they’re selling albums but not really sure. Thirdly and lastly, when you find thanmusic (which I highly recommend because their prices are really cheap and there are lots of different albums from different groups), as you’ll see there’s a hallway on the right of it, when you go a little through this way you will see a shop on your right side (I didn’t go in but there were 2 girls who run the place) which also sells kpop products.
    This has been longer than I expected, hope you guys can find them! 🙂


    1. i’m glad i helped:)) thanks for your suggestions!! i’ll definitely check them out the next time i go back to bangkok ^_^ and i did find the other store near thanmusic when i went back recently, which will be in my new post so please look out for it ><


  5. thank you so much ! Your post really helped me a lot! but in Notto there’s really nothing only SNSD merchandise but omg the amount of BTS merchandise in Basket omggggg ! Definitely coming back to Bangkok again! thank you so much for your help !!!


  6. hi.. I will go to bangkok in april..
    You said there is a new kpop mall in bangkok opened in june 2016..
    May I know the name?
    I am solo travelling so I have so much time to kill without not so many plan in my pocket now.
    Thank you


  7. hi! i’m going to bangkok next sunday and i’m going to check out Basket and Thanmusic because i wanted to buy nct, bts and monsta x albums but i was wondering how much they are roughly because i’m planning on buying 5 🙂


    1. hello ^-^ only thanmusic sells proper albums but unfortunately i don’t remember the exact prices 😬 i got a young forever album at about 860 baht, so i think you can use that as a gage:) sorry i hope that was helpful and enjoy your trip!!


    1. they only sell official albums together with the photocards, unfortunately they don’t sell them separately 😦 sorry i don’t remember the exact price range but the merch was quite reasonable!!


    1. hi 🙂 sorry i’m not too sure about which press but b2s bookstores in bangkok do sell albums! only the bigger outlets though (e.g. central world) and they only have a limited selection..hope that helps!!


  8. Hey, sorry to bother yoy, but could you tell me where in those kpop store can I BTS albums and/or merch w an effortable/reasonable price? And also, do u think siam paragon, power mall could be a good place to buy kpop merch? Thanks:)


    1. hey! for bts albums, the only place that you can get them is at thanmusic in siam square. as for bts merch, basket, thanmusic and giftchannel for fans (mentioned in my latest post) have a good and reasonable selection. power mall only sells albums (but only certain groups), not merch unfortunately.


  9. If you dont mind, for the siam bts station, is that around siam paragon? Im sorry, its been a while sicne i lat went to bangkok hehe. Thanks:)


    1. Also, do you think power mall is a good place to buy kpop merch? And in your opinion, where do you think is the best place to buy BTS albums and/or merch? Thanks and so sorry for the many question hehe


  10. Hi I want to ask is the basket shop and than music shop open everyday ? cause in next week I’ll go to bangkok . And that shop is in the same building right ?


  11. I have a friend now in Bangkok and are looking for a kpop store to see where is it at Siam exactly and I want to now where is
    basket exactly


    1. hi! basket is located on the 1st floor of the lido theatre building in soi 2 and you can get there from the siam bts station. enter the building from the main entrance and walk through the left corridor. the store will be on your right. sorry if my directions aren’t so clear, i haven’t gone been there in a while but i hope this helps 🙂


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