kpop stores in bangkok 2


terminal 21: gate 32

to get here, take the bts to asok station. the mall is connected to the station. terminal 21 is quite a happening mall, with the 2nd to 4th floor packed with many rows of small shops.


gate 32 is located on the 3rd floor (Istanbul) and its store number is 3205. its along the row of shops next to this chinese restaurant called Tim Ho Wan. it shouldn’t be too hard to find.


this store is quite organised because they have different sections for each group. however, most of the merch here are prettyyy expensive. i think its probably due to the fact that this store is in a shopping mall. but they still have quite interesting merch there and they even sold song joong ki face masks!!!

i didn’t actually buy much from this store, but i still think that this place is definitely worth checking out!! have fun:))



One thought on “kpop stores in bangkok 2

  1. Hey, I went to find it and I asked a shop owner there and Gate 32 is no longer around. 😦 I’m quite sad about it but the other shops are really good I got a lot of things from basket so THANKS for the recommendation.


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