kpop stores in bangkok 3

so this is very unfortunately my last post for kpop stores in bangkok…but i do assure you that i will be returning to bangkok soon and will hunt for more stores for you guys!! 기대주세요~ (please expect)

phahon yothin

the one park: seoulmate

to get here, take the mrt (NOT the bts) to phahon yothin and take exit 3 going towards central plaza. side note: on the way to the exit i saw monsta x and vixx anniversary posters made by thai fans!! thai kpoppers are really something…

anyways, once you exit, there will be an overhead bridge ahead of you. climb up the stairs and keep walking straight, do not turn right towards union mall. go down the stairs on the left side and you will be standing in front of the one park. you should be able to see the building from the overhead bridge.


this place is quite small and is crammed with many small shops. one thing that i’ve learnt: if you find a place with many small shops, GO CHECK IT OUT because 90% of the time you’ll find a kpop store hiding somewhere. anyway, the store is somewhere in the middle of the 1st floor, so head towards that direction when you enter. it shouldn’t be too hard to find if you look hard enough. the store looks like this:

WhatsApp-Image-20160531.jpg   IMG_7472

(p.s. i wasn’t supposed to take pictures so shhhh)

this shop is really impressive and its also the first store i found that sold nct u merch! however, the albums here were even more expensive than thanmusic. but the rest of the merch was quite good and they sold a large range of stuff. this store is generally on the expensive side and i only remember that there was really a lot of song joong ki merch, so this store is definitely a must-go for all joong ki fans! 

sadly, this is all i have for now:( but i hope this will be sufficient for all you travellers for now! i promise i will try to update when i go back to bangkok!! byee><

jungha 🙂


13 thoughts on “kpop stores in bangkok 3

      1. do you mean albums? if you’re looking just for like exo, twice, got7 (basically those from sm & jyp), then the cheapest places would be the cd store in siam paragon and any cd section in bigger b2s bookstores:) as for other groups, the places i went to were quite expensive, so i would recommend just buying them online


      1. ohh yes i’ve heard of it before. sorry i’m not a huge fan of cosmetics😅there are definitely a few outlets in bangkok, but i don’t recall seeing one sorry:( however, there was an etude house in the truecoffee building in siam square. just outside the building, there’s an innisfree and another one in central plaza. there’s another store in terminal 21 on the 3rd floor but unfortunately i don’t remember the name..hope this helps!


    1. hello!! yes this store sells albums but i don’t remember that clearly if there were any shinee or exo ones 😦 there’s more likely to have exo albums and there was lots of exo merch too! sorry if i couldn’t be of much help 😦


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