kpop stores in sapporo, hokkaido

hi everyone!! first of all, a very happy new year to all my readers:)) i would like to especially thank all my dear followers and readers for stopping by my blog to read my posts!  i honestly wasn’t expecting much when i started this blog in june last year, but i already have around 3300 views and 2100 visitors!! thank you all so so much >< really grateful towards yall ^-^

secondly, i’m super sorry haven’t written a post in so long:( but i’m back with a new post on kpop stores in sapporo, hokkaido yay! most people would relate hokkaido with skiing and that’s exactly what i did there! there are many posts on kpop stores in tokyo or nagoya, but i haven’t seen any in hokkaido yet, so i hope this will really benefit my fellow kpoppers who travel there:-) so without further ado, let’s begin!

sapporo stellar place east: HMV

most people would be quite familiar with this store as it has many outlets all around the world, including sapporo. 


HMV is located in Sapporo Stellar Place East (please take note there are 2 sections in the mall), which is apparently the largest shopping mall in japan! the store is on the 4th floor and it should be pretty easy to find as it’s quite big. the kpop section is right at the back of the store if you keep walking straight from the entrance. 


i was pleasantly surprised because they had all the latest albums there and it was a very wide selection of kpop stuff!! they even had what i called “kpop shrines” with tvs playing the popular mvs, such as bts, shinee, pentagon and twice!! a kpop haven basically. the prices of albums were relatively reasonable there. i went during the christmas season and they had a big sale going on that lasts until january, just a tip from me heh. since the mall itself is huge, you could take as long as you want browsing the store, while your family or friends could go shopping and have a coffee hahaha. overall, i feel that a trip to HMV would be worth it and it definitely won’t disappoint!



this next shop is tsutaya, which is a japanese cd store on the 1st floor. the one i went to was located along South 1 West 4 (南1条西4丁目13−1), you can get here from Odori Station if taking the train. the other outlet is located near Sapporo Station, 5 Chome−1−12. 


the thing about tsutaya is that the kpop albums are mainly japanese versions. they also don’t sell recent groups’ albums and a lot of them just come with the cd only. so if you are looking for japanese kpop albums then this is the place to go! if not, then i would definitely recommend going to HMV instead. 

so that’s all for this post! i hope it’ll greatly help those of you going to hokkaido for a trip:) if any of you find other kpop stores that aren’t mentioned in this, please comment below to help others!! please do follow my blog to receive updates on when i post and share with your friends too >< thanks for reading!! 
jungha xx



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