kpop stores in bangkok 4

yes hello again:-) i’m back with another kpop stores in bangkok post! i think since the last time i visited, kpop has now become very popular in bangkok. there’s even a newly opened korean mall (which i’ll be mentioning later hehe)!! but even in shopping centres, i was hearing blood sweat tears and cheer up playing which was really surprising! so let’s get started!!

siam square: giftchannel for fans

this is another store in lido theatre that i recently discovered. it’s located on the first floor. 


when you come in through the main entrance you should see a store selling dvds. walk towards the glass doors on the right, the “street” should look like the picture below and if you walk down just a short bit, the store would be on your right.

alternatively, if you’re coming from thanmusic, this lane is directly next to the store and you have to walk to the right:)

show dc mall

yes you read my intro right, there’s actually a korean mall in bangkok that recently opened towards the end of 2016!!


this place isn’t located near any public transport stops, so you’ll probably have to take a taxi there. they do have a shuttle bus service, but i’m not sure how it works sorry:( but although it might seem inconvenient, all your hard effort would definitely not be wasted. they have 1 whole floor dedicated to korean stores 😮

there are korean beauty stores with song joong ki and exo cut outs advertising their products^^


there is even a star avenue. this place showcases korean idols and actors/actresses and even has autographed merch on display!!!!! (unfortunately not for sale tho T_T i really wanted to break the glass at one point HAHA)

they even had handprints of exo, super junior and some actors/actresses!! if you aren’t able to get a hi-touch pass with your bias, this is the best replacement hahahaha

but my favourite part was probably the BTS Brick cafe <3333333

they serve waffles and coffee, but unfortunately i didn’t get to dine there because they weren’t open when i was there:(( there are also other idol-themed restaurants/cafes, such as Psy’s Noodle House, Rain’s cafe and a BigBang restaurant! however, many shops aren’t open yet and will only be ready in March 2017, so i think it’s best to go then! 

i hope this helped all my fellow readers:) thanks so so much for 4,000 views already i really appreciate it:)))))) as usual, please don’t forget to like, comment and follow me for updates!! 

jungha xx



4 thoughts on “kpop stores in bangkok 4

  1. Hi I went to siam square today but I accidentally went to soi 1 instead thus I’ll be gg soi 2 tmr instead to prevent further mis-concepts is Soi 1 also in lido theatre? And is soi 2 near soi 1? Sorry for disturbing and thnks!


    1. hi! i’m extremely sorry for the late reply. lido theatre is actually in the middle of soi 2 and 3. soi 1 is the street after soi 2 if you’re coming down from the train station ^-^


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