hello readers:))

you can call me jungha although i’m not actually korean lolol

here’s some information about myself:

1) i’m just your average person that happened to discover kpop and now am totally in love with it

2) i’m a pretty calm-ish fangirl that has to find at least one kpop store wherever she travels to

3) i don’t think i stan that many groups tbh, but bts will forever be my fav whoop

twitter: @jeonxbegin

so basically this website is to help all my fellow kpoppers out there find kpop stores around the world yay!!

but obviously i wouldn’t be able to cover the whole country i visit, so if i may have missed out any stores, please do comment to help others and also myself 🙂

lastly, i hope my posts will help many of you guys! enjoy >.<